Nigel Risner

Having started his own business in 1983 and becoming one of the youngest CEO’s at the age of 26, Nigel quickly realised that running organisations was not that complicated but working with people and getting the most out of them was the challenge. 

He started working with Vistage and other CEO Groups in 1997 and quickly became a sought- after speaker working in many different industries but specialising in peak performance and human development. 

Having spoken to more than 1.5 million people worldwide (40 Countries) he has recognised that most people fall into four categories in communication. 

This year at Green Light Nigel will be talking about ‘How to Create Magic in the Workplace’ which includes 6 strategies to give you an unfair advantage in 2020 allowing you to have your best year ever. 

Geoff Ramm

“When your competition goes one way do you follow them? Or, od uoy og eht rehto yaw?” 

Geoff is the creator and author of OMG Marketing.  He has spoken in 42 countries delivering keynotes to some of the worlds’ leading brands and their teams. At the 2019 VOW Ireland conference Geoff will reveal what it takes to create OMG Moments to get the phone ringing, emails flowing and customers talking about you!  He will share the greatest email ever, the Valentines Day surprise of all surprises and putting the power of your brand in someone’s hand.

More information coming soon!